About the Founder

E Carey & Associates Consulting is a national consulting firm focused on helping individuals and organizations develop the tools, skill sets and processes they need in order to build long-term success.

Drawing from decades of experience managing teams in highly-specialized fields, E Carey & Associates Consulting offers a deep understanding of the possible gaps in your business – and the solutions that they require.

Our approach to helping you succeed is based on three guiding principles of successful organizations: selecting and coaching the right people to lead and contribute, giving teams the tools and processes they need to succeed, and eliminating any gaps in skills or communication that may hold you back.

About founder Elizabeth Carey

Education and Certifications

California State University, Long Beach

Masters Candidate in Electrical Engineering, Controls

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

B.S. Mathematics, B.S. Statistics 1979

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching Certification November 2011

MBTI Myers-Briggs Certification March 2016

Vital Smarts Training in Crucial Conversations

Elizabeth Carey is a thirty year veteran of the aerospace, engineering and electronics fields, having worked at every level from developing algorithms for flight simulations to leading large teams with multi-million dollar budgets.

Elizabeth began her career as an electronic controls specialist for The Aerospace Corporation. It was there that she built her foundation of technical knowledge and personal development. She went on to work with TRW Space & Defense, during which time she led projects on government contracts for the Department of Defense. She led the TRW Employee Association and found a love of community work which would serve as the basis for her practices in teambuilding, coaching and conflict resolution.

From 1993 to 2016, Elizabeth served various roles at Cummins Incorporated, most recently as Executive Director of Electronic Control Systems. During her time at Cummins she spearheaded vast projects, leading them from the research phase to implementation. Among her accomplishments at Cummins were the creation of a multinational design center, aiding in the development of a Cummins Incorporated engineering leadership development program and her track record for delivering successful results on projects within the field of innovative technology and processes.

Elizabeth is a member of SWE, SAE, and has served on technical panels at Smith College, SWE conferences and several CMI internal conferences. She remains a highly sought-after speaker for her wide range of experience and expertise in the technical and management fields.

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