Business Solutions

Bridging the gap between the people within your organization and your tools and plans are the processes that guide how your business functions from day to day. With evaluation and consulting from E Carey & Associates Consulting, you will be able to put the systems in place to improve your team’s efficiency, maintain high quality and improve individual satisfaction.

Combining business and engineering practices to improve organizational processes.

Gap Analyses

The “gaps” in your business’s processes that can stall productivity can come from a variety of sources. Perhaps members of your team across different departments aren’t communicating effectively, or perhaps there exists a skill gap between coworkers on a certain project, or maybe a new manager doesn’t possess the proper toolset to effectively lead a group.

E Carey & Associates Consulting is committed to delivering to our clients a comprehensive analysis of any and all gaps in your organization, and coaching you on what you can do to eliminate these gaps and execute your business plan more effectively.

Our Methods

Coming from highly technical engineering fields, we implement a version of Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). CMMI as a system is used by leading organizations in the fields of engineering, medicine, manufacturing and software development. The ability of CMMI to evaluate and improve dynamic systems with a lot of moving parts makes it ideal as a framework for helping our clients.

Supplementing CMMI, we are also certified sponsors of Six Sigma. Ideal for simplifying and perfecting processes in the industrial, manufacturing and business sectors, Six Sigma practices will help you identify small defects in your business’s processes.

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