Personal Solutions

Your organization is a complex machine. And like any machine, it needs to comprise the right parts working in the right way in order to function. Your parts are your people, and E Carey & Associates Consulting specializes in improving your parts to build a better machine.

Developing individuals, teams and processes to build a better organization.



Every person in your organization is unique, with their own strengths, areas for improvement and potential. Through personal and team assessments rooted in Myers-Briggs training, we can help you find points of strength, improvement, and identify which members of your team can move from individual contributors to team leaders and how.

E Carey & Associates Consulting will help you:

Assess your team’s strengths and development opportunities, and set goals for long-term improvement, with follow-through on achieving those goals.

Identify the necessary roles for leadership development within your team, and develop new leaders from within your organization.

Individual Development

Working with individuals at all levels of your organization, from subject matter experts to head executives, we supply training with certified executive coaches to build long-lasting, fulfilling careers for you and your team.

E Carey & Associates Consulting will help you:

Develop involved career plans for your team, and encourage self-improvement among team members, leading to a stronger whole.

Introduce coaching tools and practices to your organization to build positive habits into your workplace to last years.


Building High Performance Teams

A high performance team is one not only in which every individual contributes, but one in which each individual understands his greater role in the organization and can effectively execute and communicate with other team members.

E Carey & Associates Consulting will help you:

Manage growth and changes both within your team and between different sections of your team.

Improve conflict resolution skills among employees and ensure all members of your team are heard and recognized.

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