Technology Solutions

When working in highly specialized or technical industries, it’s paramount to stay on the cutting edge of technology and innovations in your field. Having built the foundation of our expertise in the engineering field, we understand the importance of a solid,organization-wide technology strategy and how to make one work for your organization.
Creating technology roadmaps to move your business forward.


Creating a working tech strategy for your organization starts with understanding the role technological advancements do and will play in the growth of your business. When approaching business decisions, an intimate understanding of technical advancements, macroeconomic trends and your industry’s best practices are necessary.

E Carey & Associates Consulting will help you:

Come to a better understanding of your organization, business conditions and economic trends in your field.

Identify areas of need in your organization, from gaps in technological understanding to barriers in communication between professionals.


Our expertise was built in engineering, specifically in the aerospace and commercial vehicle sectors, so we’re no strangers to the importance of innovation and engaging with new ideas. Choosing to back innovative technology and which emerging trends to invest in can be a complex process, and we offer our decades of experience in doing just that to work for you.

E Carey & Associates Consulting will help you:

Understand your business’s place in the changing technical landscape.

Identify emerging technologies that can be the right fit for the future of your organization, and provide plans to integrate them into your organization.

Creating a Working Plan

When you choose to work with us, we want to build a plan for your organization that will help you bridge the gap between technical advancements and business decisions for years to come. We call these technology roadmaps. These are in-depth, cohesive plans that will help you:

Make informed decisions on embracing and investing in new technologies, including deciding what you can do within your organization, and what you can accomplish by partnering or outsourcing with other businesses.

Implement an engineering approach to business decisions – one that will effectively guide you and your team long after your consultation sessions with us.

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